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Success Stories

Moving Ahead

I have been a client of Dr. Kojis on and off for 20 years for a chronic neck condition.  This past year, due to my age and increased stress levels, I began experiencing systemic arthritic symptoms.  Returning to Kojis Chiropractic a few months ago, I noticed significant relief of joint pain and increased energy moving through my body.  Today the joints in my hands, neck, and back feel softer and freer.  I feel that working with John is having a profound effect on my overall health

I appreciate John’s holistic approach.  He trusts his intuition, as well as his highly-developed chiropractic skills, to be sensitive to what my body needs in the moment.  I totally believe that Dr. Kojis has achieved an impressive level of mastery as a healer, and I value him as a trusted partner in my health

Mary S., Movement Educator

A Ray of Sunshine

I had gotten used to a certain level of pain.  Everyday I didn’t I didn’t know how I would feel– it was hard to plan out life activities.  There were times I would avoid people even to say “hello” because I just felt tired and unwell. 

I had tried standard chiropractic that worked for years, but over the past few years I got worse and my body needed true healing.
But since starting with Dr. Kojis I’m like a new person!  I feel so good almost all the time.  I rarely experience pain and if so it’s temporary, not out of control as before. 

I feel like my old self again and have tons of energy!  I’m not afraid to try things like weights and hiking again.  I feel so much better. Dr. Kojis had been my best 50th birthday present of all, truly! 

It’s kind of a pain to go to a new doctor and tell them your life story, but it is really worth it with this doctor. Right now I can’t imagine going back to a month ago.  I am drastically changed, it’s hard to put in words.

Leanne A.

A Family Affair

Our family first came to see Dr. Kojis in August 2008.  At that time, our 15-year-old daughter was experiencing severe pain in her back and leg.  She was unable to walk or do basic daily tasks without assistance.  Dr. Kojis was specifically recommended for his gentle-touch approach.  Being unfamiliar with chiropractic care in general, this was encouraging to us all.

Within the first couple of visits, our daughter’s pain had greatly diminished and she continues under Dr. Kojis’ care to correct long-standing problems with her spine. Watching her rapid improvement and Dr. Kojis’ patient, calm approach to working with her prompted me to ask him about my own back and neck pain and stiffness.  It appears that these problems have developed over a long time but on my very first visit with Dr. Kojis, the pain and stiffness in my jaw were eliminated.  More amazingly, they have never returned!  I continue to see Dr. Kojis to work on improving a lifetime’s worth of back problems but have found a significant improvement in my flexibility and strength.  The pain and stiffness are also greatly reduced.

While my daughter and I were the first in our family to consult Dr. Kojis, several others have also been in for neck and back issues.  They, too, have found that his approach helps relieve immediate pain and continues to remedy the underlying problems in a comfortable environment.  An added enjoyment had been our 5-year-old’s keen interest in observing all that Dr. Kojis does.  He has the makings of a very young apprentice!

To those who wonder if chiropractic care may be helpful in relieving pain and discomfort, I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Kojis.  And, I hope your experience proves as positive as our family’s has been.

Linda R.

A Mother's Story

Before my son Anthony started with Dr. Kojis, he wasn’t sleeping well, up at least five times every night. Nothing seemed to make any difference. Now he’s the best sleeper in the world! He loves his adjustments– he often gets so relaxed, he falls asleep on the adjusting table.

From one mother to another, bring your kids in to be checked, even if you think there’s nothing wrong. It’s a good feeling to know they’re doing their best.

Rovawn S.

Return to Life

I was a mess, with intense fatigue, numbness in my mid-back, legs, and arms, and several severe chronic illnesses. Worst of all was my inability to participate in life the way I wanted to– it was like sitting on the sidelines watching my life slip away… 

After numerous medical workups and treatments without any positive results, I started care with Dr. Kojis.

Things have changed! I now have absolutely no numbness anywhere, my chronic illnesses are in remission, and my endurance and stamina have increased dramatically. I’m now able to participate in my life and actively seek out and experience new and old interests. I also have an awareness of the “connectedness” of all the parts of my body and my mind, and feel more of an opening to spirit. 

Dr. Kojis has been invaluable to me in the furthering of this journey. He’s a great resource for exploring my interests, and his intuition, gentleness, and patience are a wonderful gift.

Laurie S., Occupational Therapist


I would highly recommend Dr. Kojis to others, and I do all the time. Three years ago I couldn’t get out of bed because of the deep throbbing leg pain that would pulsate with my heartbeat and would wake me at night. It took several months of care before the throbbing went away, but meanwhile other things began to happen. At first my spastic colon symptoms started to worsen, seeming to reach a peak, and then started to improve, with less and less frequent symptoms.

I now feel much more in tune with my body, mind, and spirit, feeling calmer and able to take things in stride. I am back to my daily walking exercise which helps eliminate other stress-related health problems. My breathing has improved, and I am more conscious of breathing deeply to relax and cleanse my body. In short, I enjoy life so much more– chiropractic care has opened the channels for my body to heal itself.

Vickie D.

Naturopath Endorsement

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kojis and his work. He is a real master of his craft and works with sincerity and good humor.  I would recommend him for acute and chronic pain, health maintenance, improved physical capacity, and as gentle support in living your life fully.

Laura Washington, ND

Life Support

I came to Dr. Kojis wearing clunky orthopedic shoes and feeling extremely fatigued. Very soon after I started, my energy increased and I was able to wear normal shoes.

I can walk without pain or resistance in my hips AND I feel 3 inches taller! My health and energy levels are always at their best when I get regular tuneup adjustments.

Thank you Dr. Kojis for your life support!

Lida D.

Mary Ann's Story

I sprained  my back, and caused a significant injury to my S-I joint. That started a long, pain-filled journey for me. It affected everything. Besides the excruciating pain from the sprain to my back, I wasn’t able to sit comfortably, walking would cause terrific pain shooting down my side, and lying in bed was barely possible. Cancel trips, cancel guests who wanted to visit, cancel was the word in our home for weeks.

After appointments to the medical doctor and weeks  of physical therapy with no relief, a friend recommended Dr. Kojis. Because I had tried everything else, I felt an appointment certainly couldn’t make things worse than they already were. My physical therapist recommended him also.

I was in terrible pain when I arrived for my initial appointment. I didn’t think I could lie down on the table. After the adjustment, I was able to get off the table without pain. Dr. Kojis asked me to walk around the room. I was truly astonished to be out of the excruciating pain! 

I have been seeing Dr. Kojis during the past few months, and I am still pain free. I no longer think about every breath, I no longer cancel dinners with friends. Traveling in a car is not an issue. There are no obstacles to our day. It has been such a great summer, I can say we have enjoyed every day. I can go for walks, ride my bike, swim and will never take those abilities for granted again.

Every part of my life was so negatively impacted by this injury and the exact opposite is now my life.

Thank you so much!

Mary Ann E.

Expanded Range

Wow, so super interesting. I am possibly auditioning for a singer in a metal band (if they don’t like the guy auditioning today), and they sent me some songs to practice with. Well two of the songs were down at the lower end of my vocal scale and I practiced them all morning and couldn’t quite get low enough.

Then after getting adjusted today I was driving home and they songs came on the CD and I was able to hit the low notes no problem!

I’m gonna come see you before I audition.

Susan P.

Riding High

I’ve been riding dressage for over 30 years.  I’ve learned that the more I can stay out of my horse’s way, the better they can do their job.

After the second or third session with Dr. Kojis, I could feel a noticeable difference in my horses.  They seemed more relaxed.  The adjustments have made me much more supple to the left and more even from side to side, so I am more balanced when I ride, and the horses love it!

Amy K.

Unexpected Benefits

Since seeing Dr. Kojis I can bend and lift without pain again.  What I didn’t expect was that my daily tension headaches and grinding of teeth is now gone, and stomach pain that I couldn’t figure out has been greatly reduced.

Brison J.

Like A New Me

Since coming to Dr. Kojis, my health has improved so much, I’m like a new me! I can sleep, I can eat, I have long times without pain, and I have a lot more strength. I’ve cleared so much pain and frustration from my body, I feel like I’ve found my soul. I can laugh and play and really experience life instead of watch it go by without me.

Bonnie M.

Not Afraid

Before I started chiropractic care a few months ago, I hurt all the time in my back, neck, hip and shoulders, along with tendinitis in my right arm. Now I feel so good, I want to sing! I don’t hurt any more, I can move without limitation, and I feel really healthy.

Carly P.

Dream On

Since starting care I have been having the greatest dreams–dreams that heal, and answer some questions I’ve had for a long time. Thank you!

Mary D.

Things Have Changed

Since I started on a program of regular adjustments, things have really changed. I get fewer headaches, less tension and fatigue, and more movement in my neck. I can now look over my left or right shoulder without difficulty, which helps when I drive.

Glenn S.

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