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Frequently Asked Questions

How do tonal adjustments work?

Dr. Kojis uses a combination of adjusting methods, including gentle directional contacts and a hand held instrument, to reduce spinal subluxations and release nerve interference.  As he directs the new information into your spine, your body and nervous system discharge the old inappropriate patterns that are trapped in your brain and spinal cord. This ultimately increases your body’s healing potential and comfort.

Can children be adjusted with tonal methods?

Yes. Children, infants and elderly people respond readily to our gentle, effective approach to spinal correction.

Is this approach effective in car accidents and sports injuries?

Yes. The early correction of spinal subluxations will enhance the healing process in any type of injury or bodily stress.

Are x-rays necessary?

We don’t rely on x-rays to find spinal subluxations because we have other ways to “read” your body.  X-rays are occasionally needed to identify fractures or diseases that may be present, or to see the full extent of your spinal distortion. We no longer take x-rays in our office, so if they are needed, we will refer you to an x-ray facility nearby.

What can I expect to experience during my first chiropractic adjustment?

You may notice you are breathing more easily and feeling relaxed in your body; you may notice an effortless improvement in your posture; you may feel energy moving in your body; you may revisit old injuries or symptoms for a short time as your body discharges them.  You will probably sense that something very exciting and powerful is happening from within.

When will I start to feel better?

How quickly your body responds to chiropractic care depends on a number of individual factors: your age, your history, your overall health, your personal habits, drugs you may be taking, and how closely you follow the doctor’s advice. Sometimes progress is very gradual, sometimes it happens in sudden spurts, and sometimes improvement occurs after a temporary flareup of symptoms.  In any event, you can trust that your body’s innate intelligence will bring healing change as quickly as possible when we make sure your nervous system is working as it should.

How long will I have to come?

That partly depends on what you want. Some people come for a few visits or a few weeks, and when their immediate symptoms quiet down, they stop coming. This “pain relief” approach is a short-term solution at best. You’ll get better results when you stay long enough to restore normal function, and not just patch things temporarily. The best results of all come with regular adjustments to improve your performance on an ongoing basis.

How long you benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. 


Still have questions about chiropractic care with Dr. Kojis? Reach out to our office, we’re happy to help!